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Tax Basics

Personal Income Tax Brackets & Rates – 2018

The table shows the 2018 federal personal income tax brackets and rates that apply to taxable income. Jurisdiction Lower Limit Upper Limit Rates Federal 0 46,605 15.0% 46,606 93,208 20.5% 93,209 144,489 26.0% 144,490 205,842 29.0% 205,843 33.0% The following table shows the 2018 personal income tax brackets and rates that apply to taxable income on the provincial and territorial …

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Do You Need To File A Tax Return?

Ever wondering if you should find some time on your busy schedule to file a tax return which might cost you some time or money? Is it worth it? The following points might help you make the decision. You must file a return for 2015 if any of the following situations apply: You have to pay tax for 2015; Canada …

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Quebec Tax Credit For Childcare Expenses

To be entitled to receive advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses for the 2016 taxation year, you must meet the following requirements: You are (or are the spouse of) the biological or adoptive mother or father (legally or in fact) of a child living with you at the time of application. You must be resident in Québec …

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Moving Expenses Deduction

Who can claim moving expenses? If you have moved and established a new home to work or to run a business at a new location, you can claim eligible moving expenses. You can also claim moving expenses if you moved to take courses as a student in full-time attendance enrolled in a post-secondary program at a university, college, or other educational …

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2016 Indexation adjustment for personal income tax and benefit amounts

Each year, certain personal income tax and benefit amounts are indexed to inflation using the Consumer Price Index data as reported by Statistics Canada. Increases to tax bracket thresholds, amounts relating to non‑refundable credits, and most other amounts will take effect on January 1, 2016. However, increases to the goods and services tax credit will take effect on July 1, …

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