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ReFocusTax.ca is a personal blog about everything and anything related to Canadian Income Taxes, whose mission is to help Canadian taxpayers take care of their own taxes.

Income tax is like a moving target, in the sense that income tax laws and regulations are being constantly changed and the particular circumstances of individual tax payers (be it personal or corporate) tend to change over time as well. As a result, taxpayers all need to adjust their strategies and tactics (even if they do not have any spelled out explicitly), and keep them up to date. Hence the name of this site: ReFocusTax.

Preparing one’s income tax return is just like shooting a moving target. The target keeps moving (no sitting ducks, sorry) and the shooter needs to move, too. Re-aiming and refocusing thus become necessary.

This site will be focused on helping folks that do not have a complicated income tax situation which merits hundreds or thousands of dollars paid to a tax professional every year. It need be noted, however, the owner of this site DOES NOT guarantee that any information published on this site, or any content linked from this site, is accurate or up to date at any time. By visiting this site, the readers of this site are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of this site.

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