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RL-31 Slip – Information About a Leased Dwelling

If you have reported rental income (or loss) on your 2014 Quebec tax return, you should probably have already received a letter from Revenue Quebec asking you to prepare the RL-31 Slip. If not, you can refer to the Revenue Quebec website where you can find all the information you need. In the paragraphs below, you can find the most basic …

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Childcare Expense Changes in Quebec

Cost of a childcare space in 2015

Parents with young children often need to start registering their children at various daycare centers (sometimes even before the child is born) just to secure a spot at a CPE to avoid paying $40 a day in childcare expense at a private daycare provider (where daycare spots are more readily available than a CPE, but you will still need to do …

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Residential Rental Property Owners: New RL-Slip Required

RL-31 slip: Information About a Leased Dwelling As of the 2015 taxation year, any person or partnership that owns a residential complex with one or more leased dwellings must file an RL-31 slip with us and issue an RL-31.CS slip to every individual who is a tenant or subtenant of a leased dwelling on December 31, 2015. Purpose of the RL-31 …

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