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The New Child Assistance Payment – Family Allowance

This is a simple Family Allowance calculator for Quebec residents with kids under 18 years of age. The information used to program this calculator is based on the publication from Quebec Finance Department on December 3, 2018. Previous year’s family income is calculated as the total of the amount on Line 275 of your Quebec tax return (and that of your spouse if you are married or have a partner at December 31, 2018). Only include kids who are less than 18 years old at December 31, 2019.

Please note that this calculator is not intended to be used as any official tool for Family Allowance calculation. The author of the calculator nor the owner of this site makes no guarantee whatsoever as to the accuracy of the calculated result.

To use this calculator, you only need to change the following information as needed and the result will be displayed in the designated section further below on this page.
Your family situation
Are you a single parent?
Number of kids under 18
Your family income in the previous year
The calculated result will be displayed here.

As a matter of fact, calculation of the child assistance payment or family allowance is just a tad bit more complex than this. Only the last six months of payment is based on the previous year’s income, while payments for the first half of the year are calculated using the family income information from one year earlier. This has to do with the way income is declared.

Let’s take Year 2018 as an example. Most people file their tax returns only by the deadline, or April 30. Considering the time it takes to process tax returns, the government will not know your family income for Year 2017 until, let’s say June 30, 2018. When the 2017 income is not available, the government uses the most recent income figure, or that of Year 2016 in our example.

Besides, if the payments are made on a monthly basis, the yearly amount is calculated every time and then divided by 12 to arrive at the monthly amount.

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